Amouage reveals its new flagship boutique in Oman

April 14, 2022

Amouage has inaugurated its new boutique in Muscat, where the perfume maker’s story began four decades ago.

Behind the crystalline glass façade, the curated space in the Mall of Oman is home to a breathtaking artistic depiction of a solar eclipse in the Omani desert, designed by architecture firm Heroine Paris.

The finest natural stones are an essential ingredient of the balanced and expansive sculptural interior of the new boutique. Monumental cream travertine slabs wrap the inside, juxtaposing with hand carved raw greige sandstone.

Geometric monumentalism

At the epicenter of the space, the tranquil serene palette is abruptly interrupted by the geometric monumentalism of a 3 metres high stone sphere, a contemporary sculpture custom commissioned by designer Renaud Salmon: “We were inspired by the elemental work connected to Omani nature, as well as the rugged grandeur of the project. I enjoyed the idea of a monolithic representation of the moon, bringing a strong atmosphere, emotion and visual gravitas through its uncompromising brutalism. We were conscious that it would be a technical challenge, but decided to be mindless to what is problematic, and we made it happen,” Salmon said.

The orb is surrounded by an amphitheatre of screens, which presents a seasonal digital-art program curated by Amouage as well as provide a venue for performances and live events.

For the opening, it showcases a unique film named “Eclipse”, from award winning French director Thomas Vanz. The movie explores the synesthetic relationship between light, music and scents, featuring an original soundtrack from Belgian music producer Copal. The approach is part of the Amouage Art Project, which has seen the House partner with several Omani and international artists and commission or acquire art pieces.

Luxe materials

The boutique is finished with luxe materials including dark oak, waxed concrete, polished black stainless steel, brass and gold leaf touches, together in a refined twenty-first century brutalist patchwork.

Chairs by Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen and custom furniture by French designer and Bettencourt Prize Winner, Dimitry Hlinka complete the venue. For the personnel uniforms, Salmon partnered with Omani bespoke clothing label Khulood, creating outfits inspired by the lab coats worn by craftsmen at the Amouage Manufacture.

Marco Parsiegla, CEO of Amouage, commented: “The one-size-fits-all flagship store concept is not relevant anymore. We believe that retail plays a more complex and diverse role than before. Our boutiques are not only points of sales; they also act as billboards in highly trafficked areas or as service and entertainment hubs, where we can host masterclasses with fragrance reviewers or VIP clients, for example. Specific places will also determine the kind of stores that we introduce and our geocharacteristic approach will have us adapt the concept in each of the different cities they’re located, making every Amouage boutique around the globe unique and worth a visit.”

Amouage’s full range

The modern new space located on level 3 of the Mall of Oman carries the Amouage’s full range of Eaux de Parfum, Extraits de Parfum and Attars in addition to home, bath and body products.

Visitors also have the possibility to curate their very own Gift of Kings coffrets, choosing among hundreds of fragrance and leather cases possibilities.


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