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February 14, 2019

The Philippines recommenced imports of Omani Export Blend crude in January, lifting 4.12 per cent of exports totalling 23.320 million barrels during the month, the Sultanate’s Ministry of Oil and Gas said in its monthly report.
South Korea too resumed imports of Omani crude, receiving 8.55 per cent of the total. China maintained its long-standing position as the biggest market for Omani crude, importing 78.83 per cent of the total, although the intake was lower by 8.40 per cent when compared to corresponding figures"...

February 13, 2019

Muscat: A group of volunteers have begun an initiative, which involves them visiting remote and mountainous villages sans access to health care services to teach the residents first-aid skills. The initiative, called “Eblal”, means healing in Arabic. “We aim to improve the basic health knowledge of the residents by teaching them first-aid skills and how to deal with common conditions such as pressure, diabetes, and fractures and how to treat them quickly before taking the patient to the nearest hospital, which"...

Sebacic Oman Refinery set to commence operations
February 14, 2019

Sebacic Oman Refinery for the production of Sebacic acid has entered the production stage after the successful completion of the preliminary tests during the last three months. The refinery is the first industrial project in the heavy industries zone to operate in the Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZD).
Dr Ismail bin Ahmed al Balushi, Deputy CEO of the Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (SEZAD), asserted that the operation of Sebacic Refinery would prepare Duqm to enter the era of heavy industries and pointed out"...

State Budget Deficit Decreases in 2018
February 14, 2019

Muscat, Feb.13 (ONA) ----The preliminary estimates of the closing of the government finance accounts for the fiscal year 2018 indicate a decrease in the state budget deficit from RO3 billion according to the approved budget to RO2.7 billion.

These calculations show that the main reason for the decrease in the expected deficit was due to higher revenues to about RO10.9 billion compared to budget estimates of RO9.5 billion.


Mandatory Tax Card for corporates to be rolled out soon
February 14, 2019

Oman’s tax authorities are expected to shortly commence the process of issuing Tax Cards for all corporate entities operating in the Sultanate, according to a Muscat-based tax advisory services expert.
Tax Cards have been mandatory for corporates under the amended Income Tax Law (ITL) promulgated last year. Following the gazetting, earlier this week, of the Executive Regulations clarifying certain provisions of the Income Tax Law, procedures for the roll-out of the Tax Card scheme are expected to be unveiled soon,"...